About Talexes

Talexes is the future of workforce talent management solutions.

As today’s workforce evolves, employees and business leaders are outgrowing yesterday’s management practices. Talexes and its Partners help organizations of all sizes leverage past workforce development experiences – successes and failures alike – to craft a sustainable plan for recruiting, retaining, and nurturing talented professionals.


We’re a business-to-business employee assessment provider.

Our Partners are trained experts in talent selection, workforce management, communication, training, and engagement.

The bottom line: We exist to help businesses succeed. By delivering sophisticated job-fit methodologies and efficient, self-interpreting employee assessment data, we help HR teams and hiring professionals optimize their workforce talent. And we do it all by empowering people to find fulfillment and success in their careers.


Uniquely positioned for success.

We believe success is all about connecting people with a position that matches their talents. As an Alliance Partner, you’ll have the unique opportunity to mentor businesses as they proactively address workforce-related challenges while also helping them take advantage of the industry’s most effective talent management solutions.

Contact Talexes today to learn more about our company and explore the opportunity to become a successful Alliance Partner!

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