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As a Talexes Alliance Partner, you’ll live on the cutting edge of the growing talent management industry.


Demand for talent management solutions is increasing, and organizations need experienced talent management professionals to help them identify and empower high-performing team members. That’s why Talexes Alliance Partners occupy an enviable position – their fresh approach to talent management touches every aspect of the talent lifecycle.

If you’re ready to take on a new opportunity and pursue a lucrative career built around freedom, flexibility, and incredible growth potential, now is the time to become a Talexes Alliance Partner.

Our Partner opportunities deliver:

Low risk, high returns

Assessment Professionals

Upfront costs are nominal, and the talent management industry offers high profit margins. You will never pay Talexes any royalties. Profits are yours to keep.

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Total autonomy


Want the freedom to work whenever you choose, for whomever you choose? There are no sales quotas for Partners, and you’re free to brand your business however you please. You are your own boss.

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Rewarding experience


Helping others succeed offers intangible rewards. As a Partner, you can become a business growth expert and enjoy high standing among organizations in your community.

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Valuable support

We designed our support system to accelerate your success. When you become a Partner, we provide all of the marketing collateral you need to communicate value to clients.

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Businesses are making substantial investments in talent management. When you become a Partner, you can be the catalyst who helps them optimize their most important resource: their people.

Our Partners come from all walks of life and draw on a variety of rich professional experiences. Find out more about our opportunities for:

It’s time to exercise more control over your time and your future.

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