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Tapping into the needs of your talent is tricky business.

With Talexes, you can help your clients develop superstars.


Talent development talent development solutions workforce talent development Talexes Partners

How do you know who needs to be trained, undergo re-training, or participate in talent development activities?

Without valuable data, it’s almost impossible to know for sure.

Many organizations spend large sums on training, even though they have no way to identify who needs to be trained or what kind of training will have an impact. They also obligate training without any tools to gauge whether the experience was effective. In the current talent development paradigm, outcomes are a big missing piece.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Talexes talent development solutions can help, and our Partners are in an exciting position to bring those products to market.

Talexes Talent development talent development solutions workforce talent development Talexes Partners

As companies increasingly attempt to get more value out of fewer employees, they’re realizing that development programs have a role to play. Not skills development, but behavioral development – they need to discover who can be developed, what kind of programs are needed, and how participation should influence workforce performance.

Talexes Talent development talent development solutions

Employee assessments can help solve the problem.

They help HR professionals optimize training spending through objective data on whether the programs worked and whether the right people were in attendance.

To implement these talent development solutions, companies need experienced talent management consultants to provide expertise and make a difference. Talexes and our Partners help guide clients through the entire talent development process, using Talexes employee assessments to evaluate whether team members are delivering peak performance.  When they’re not, our assessments help your clients see why. They’ll have precisely the insights they need to take action.

Talent development is about putting the right people in the right training programs at the right times. Talexes Alliance Partners help their clients do just that. To start leading clients toward a more profitable talent development approach, contact Talexes today!

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