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Startups are full of ambiguities and risks, even startups that involve working for yourself. A self-employed startup that is becoming more common is starting a consulting business. Just like any new company, there are things you should be aware of before taking the dive into starting your own business. Here are 6 need-to-knows when starting your own talent management consulting business.

  1. There will be some cranky people. Talent management consulting is a face-to-face business. And let’s face it—you run into a number of cranky people throughout a regular day; imagine how many you’ll come across as a consultant.
  2. Be confident about what you are offering. Talent management consultants are sought out for one thing: knowledge. Deliver your knowledge confidently and to the best of your ability. They may accept it, or they may not. What matters is that you assert your knowledge in its appropriate niche.
  3. You are worth more than you think. New consultants often undercharge their clients, making them appear less than what they are truly worth. If you saw a wristwatch with a $10 price tag and one with a $500 price tag, which would you assume is the better wristwatch?
  4. Remember, you need to sell yourself. Prove your worth and potential to attract clients; but don’t forget to remain trustworthy.
  5. Realize what it means to be your own boss. Be able to say “no” when it is necessary, and discipline yourself to work smart and earn fair profits.
  6. Some disappointments are inevitable. Everyone responds differently in the face of challenge, and consulting can definitely be one. If you are successful, most of those challenges will end positively, but nobody is perfect—some challenges will end negatively. Be aware of the possibility, and be prepared to bounce back from it when necessary.

Take these 6 need-to-knows with you down the path to a consulting business, and work diligently towards the goals that are necessary to accomplish to reach your destination.

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