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The modern workforce is constantly evolving, causing employees and business leaders to outgrow yesterday’s workforce management practices.  Now you can help organizations craft a sustainable plan for recruiting, retaining, and nurturing talented professionals with Talexis’s selection of Talassure solutions. As a Talexes Alliance Partner, you’ll live on the cutting edge of the growing talent management industry. When you become a Partner, you can be the catalyst who helps organizations optimize their most important resource—their people. Being a Partner gives you the opportunity for total autonomy, as well as access to a valuable support team, while providing a high return, highly rewarding experience.

So, what does a Talexes partnership look like? Talexes works with independent talent management professionals to provide solutions for the modern workforce. These independent professionals include:

  • Assessment Professional – As an assessment professional, working with Talexes allows you to provide a talent management experience that’s high in demand across multiple industries.
  • Business Consulting Professional – Talexes products give business consultants the ability to gain insights about their clients, improve workforce performance, and discover opportunities to add value to any organization.
  • Entrepreneur – Being a Talexes Partner supports your desire to work for yourself in a business-to-business setting, while offering dependable support and high profit margins.
  • HR Professional – As a Partner, you’ll use the same communication skills refined during your years in HR to demonstrate the value of Talexes talent solutions; you can be the mentor, the employee assessments and resulting data will take care of the rest.

Talexis’s variety of resources—from workforce assessments to leadership consulting and performance coaching—are the tools you need to succeed as an independent talent management professional in today’s workforce.

Give yourself the freedom to control your time and your future by becoming a Talexes Alliance Partner today!

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